Sunday, 5 June 2011

The letter 'P'

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ツ Chillax

Am I the only one getting tired?These past few days had quite challenged me.Well,maybe due to shiver fever..nahhh~The room was so messy with my stuffs from college.ufff..But.....ehem,talk about it later.

Yesterday was King's official birthday. Me,my sis,my bro and of course mum and dad went to Dataran Merdeka since 7 a.m to celebrate our State Sultan which is also our DYMM Agong. I was so amazed by the formation, marching and everything performed on that Saturday morning. One word, SUPERB! I love armies.errr... I mean, the educated and smart one. :) Never a minute I had my eyes sat on other thing except the events. *Oh well, the place was full with weapon-handed armies though!* A reporter approached us asking why would young KIDS *I'm still a kid* like us attended that event? Guess why? ¬('-')¬

*accompanied by a handsome MAN,who wouldn't want to go?*

Everything went well except at the evening. I was tired. I didn't do much work but don't know why I'm tired. I thought of many things. One person (****) became super tensioning, rushing and pushing!! I was tension as well so I kept silence as for me...
"Silence is the girl's loudest heart cry out.."

One thing for sure. Mama, you are such a bless! :)

Freaking tired and tense. I started to clean my super massive messy room. Great! but so many things in front of my eyes.Meowww!!!!grrr... I end up took a break with Honey star cereal and milk while watching video clips at 1a.m. Niceee!!  I slept for 2 hours at 4.45a.m coz need to wake my Mama up to catch her flight back to hometown. And today, I drove the car for the 1st time as BIG LICENSE driver early in the morning. yiihaaa.. XD

Now I am so happy!!! I'm done with cleaning my room..yeay yeay.. Found many memoirs things and safely kept in 2 big boxes..Hurm.. Like seriously, I need a big room to keep the presents and all the memorable stuffs. *Ala-ala museum*
Tomorrow going to start my journey to Singapore. Wheeee...yabedabedu! (^^.)/ Chillax tonyte..

"Semoga hari esok menjadi lebih baik dari semalam"

But...sigh, gonna miss my Seth Tan and Nora Elena.. -.-'' Take care darlingss! Hello lion cheating country~

:(  I hate Perengus, Penerjah, Peng 'rush', Pemarah, Peng 'order', Penengking. (5P)
:)  I love Pendiam, Penyabar, Penyayang, Pemaham, Peng 'gentle'. (5P)
:| Can't be patient all the time. but, try. :)

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