Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cheating lion!!!

A walk to remember - Mandy Moore

 * Babe, I miss US a lot *
 This journey had so much to be told until I myself can't even create words  for those.

We're independent.
-travelled on ourselves as 'anak2 bongsu'- 

We're depending.
-stayed at Atuk and Nenek Mira's house-

We became rich.
-travelled to Singapore by airplane and back via coaches train- 

We became poor.
-not much stuffs can be bought there with our low currency rate- 

We became matured.
-rationally have to think where to pray there-

We became kiddos.
-playing all kind of games in Universal Studios Singapore-

We had FUN!
-enjoying every moments of the journey-

We're SAD!
-having to say goodbye for our vacation together-

LOL, <3 

I miss you guys already once I get back home.
See you guys in another trip OVERSEAS!!


  1. so good to have a nice holiday isn't it? wish i had one.

  2. well, start making a good saving so that I can bring you for tour in Ireland or EU!