Monday, 27 June 2011

Dracula symptoms

♫ La Lambada - Kaoma

Do you know that when you sleep late, you can be a dracula? *Tak caye eh??sape suh caye..* 
Here are some characteristics of a newborn dracula named SaBella Swan *alaa...angan sket pn x bleyh!*

# I'm lazy to charge my hp, and I rarely texting. *appreciate when u got one* =P
# My common drinks are carrot juice,mango,ribena,lychee,ice blended and ice milo.
# Common meals are pattaya fried rice,and hailam noodles.
# I'm wearing braces. grrrr.... =D 
# I can't bare hotness compared to coldness.
# When I play games, don't try to disturb. or YOU LOSE.
# My hobby is "bhoo,cak,heyyow" people for 5 minutes and then bubui!
# Camwhore.
# CSI addict. Dun really watch TV, but I love stick to TV upon favorite shows.
# Watashiwa have Japanese foster family.
# My fav songs are mostly english but I love Malay dance more.
# "Mish yuh,luvya,yuyu,miss you, i love you,muahxie,muahss,muachs" spellings carry different meanings to me.
# Hugss. \(^^,)/
# Am stairophobic and lizardophobic. Am windyphillic and jumpingphillic.
# Waving at cops, guards, armies is my other hobby.
# I love meooowww....I tawt I saw a puttytatt... *dracula eat cats don't they?!*

*Fly me into ur world Mr Dracula*  

Memaksa diri terbang ke alam mimpi~Zaaaasss~!!

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