Friday, 22 June 2012

Back home

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Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal.. =) I'm safe and sound back in my beloved country, Malaysia. There's no place like home. True indeed.
I've been back since 12th June 2012. Journey back home with my awesome bodyguard was great! Surely I'll be missing that bodyguard when I'm about to fly back to Ireland next month. pheww~ 
Ok, that's sad so keep that aside first. I've made some wishes to be grant once in Malaysia. So happy that some of them were granted even on the first day I landed. 
- Eat nasi goreng kampung and telur mata kerbau ( I ate this in Coffee Village, Putrajaya. Plus, mum sang karaoke over there entitled Penawar Rindu and Bosanova) 
- Drink my favourite mango juice since I've not drink it for 9 months. (On the very first day but not so yummy)
- Bite my sister's cat and find a girlcatfriend for it. (It waited for me at the door once I'm home, my sis left it for me with a note. *touched sikit jehhh*)
- Eat ketam masak lemak cili api (Cooked by my Mummy Sue during dinner at KL *yummeyhh* also met my little niece, Iman)
- Eat at Johny's Steamboat ( Persuaded Daddy to eat together in Jusco AU Setiawangsa) 
- Eat Satay, Mangosteen, and Lychee Drink (Brought to Satay Station with someone's family)
- Eat KFC and Tutti Frutti (Ate this with my bodyguard and sis in Times Square. Plus, I got cheezy wedges too!)
- Eat nasi dagang (Mama and Abah brought me to Chendering, the best location for nasi dagang once I arrived in Terengganu my hometown) 
- Pass by my favourite bridge at Lagoon Terengganu. (My dad even ask me to shout there. He knew me well!)
- Eat nasi goreng pattaya (Treated by my twin sister while watching Alvin and Chipmunks!)
- Snacking time with colek buah and mempelam. (Kicked me out of that! so yummy!)
- Eat favourite ikan pari bakar during fasting month. (Alhamdulillah..first day of Ramadhan, wish granted!)
- Ipad, blackberry bold touch and type, and external hard disk. (Gadgets time with someone Thanks!!) (^^,)
- Buy lotsa blouse and jeans to bring back here. Here got not much long sleeve blouse and the jeans is too long for this short girl. (Peace yaw..brought 2 designers with me, Mama n Kak Ayu to choose for me)
- Visit my bestfriends and relatives anywhere. Yadda yabedabeduuu (SSP Akravatore 0408 Reunion in UTP..Thanks soulmates!!)
- Go visit some places in Malaysia. Islands, city or whatsoever. (Road tour with sista to Perak and Cameron Highlands..awesomeness~)
- Go to body or foot massage. (Met Kak Mah in Terengganu..full body massage..relief~)
- Cook for my mama and family and ask mama to cook for me too. Winks! (Cooked only mee goreng basah to my sista *muehehe* while mama made serunding for me!yeahhh..stock to Eire)
- Play piano in Terengganu. At least, one song can be played.(played, but still can't play any song)

Now I noticed most of them is EAT??!! I care.
Anyhow, still seeking time for these wishes..huahuahua..anyone wanna join and treat me?
- Eat gulai kenduri on wedding.
- Play wave and sands at the beach. This is a must!
- Stay awake at 3 or 4am to go to mamak stall or eat yong tau foo ( I call them as 'cucuk-cucuk' food)

GREAT NEWS!! Daddy brought home two little kittens, black and bream in adorable Persians. I've got new babies now.. Will update on them later on! See ya...

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