Monday, 4 June 2012

Impossibru Possibru

ツ Wishful 

New post? Again? Yes..hihi. As I'm so free after exam, my sister had given me a task to post in my blog. Well, I can smell the jealousy from her because she has to get back mingling with her classes after long holidays. Ngee.. my turn! (^^,)v My dearie sister had graduated from Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) degree recently with 1st honours.. (damn, I'm so proud of you sis!)   There she is, the one with flower at the front row........

I know I'm desperate to be in the pic, so I put my face there. (’-’*)
Yeah gotcha, that's my mother.. (^_-)☆wink! Spot my sister overthere in the middle. Now, get back to my homework (Now you know why she gave me this task? Well, that's a norm of a teacher)..

The title is : Impossible Things List 
(but I mended the focus of the title with my own version - Impossible but actually possible)

1) Tour around every corner of the world - EVERY CORNER, I mean it! Including all wonders of the world.
2) Ride dolphin or whale in the mid ocean - like mermaids, and hopefully they understood my instructions!
3) Be close friend with tiger and lion - until I can hug it, kiss it,touch it, and play with it's tail.
4) Climb the stairs to the most highest building in the world and scream out loud my beloved's names. - highlight the stairs.
5) Bungee jumping from the highest peak of the world - even if it's not the highest...errrr..... m(._.)m
6) Have a luxurious sail on a yacht or a big cruise with a swimming pool on it. - diva diva style with ray ban on. ( ゚▽゚)/
7) Hold a bit of Everest Mount's snow and do snow man - in which by the time I reach there, I'm frozen.
8) Standing on the Greenwich line - the place where 0 latitude is, so the time all starts over there first.
9) Skating on ice in Antartica - and write my name with the skate's blade like in movies.
10) Have a tree house or a house inside a big tree - watched Winnie the Pooh and Tarzan don't ya?
11) Play piano and sing in a grand hall watched by superstars around the world - muehehehe  (*^▽^)
12) Play skateboards or roller blades at the cliffs. - I don't dare to die like that, I know.
13) Swim deep in the ocean while taking photos smiling with sharks and electric eel - sounds cool huh?
14) Say ''Hi,can I look at your sharp teeth??'' to Piranha and Anaconda snake in Amazon.
15)  Climb the pyramid to the place where they store Pharaoh in ancient. - climb. I wrote climb didn't I?
16) Do skydiving from a fast furious jet - weeehoooo!!!feel the breeze..
17) Meet all 7 person who have the same face like me - say Cheese and snap photo!  
18) Learn all languages that exist in this globe - and be fluent with all of them.
19) Go to the moon or another planet to see if there's any creatures there - **alien talk** (*・)σσσ(*゜Д゜*)
20) Open an educational hospital in my hometown with all my friends as the partners - biotechnologist, teachers, IT people, pharmacists, engineers, doctors, nurses, businessman and etc together working.

They do sound impossible. But they're interesting and who cares if they are ridiculous? Coz I loike them!! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ **alaikit alaikit**

Okayh, done with the homework requested..

The next title is : My Wishlist During Summer Holiday
 (My sister especially, please take note..and other people as well)

- Eat nasi dagang, nasi goreng pattaya, nasi goreng kampung, Johny's steamboat, KFC and favourite ikan pari bakar during fasting month. 
- Drink my favourite mango juice since I've not drink it for 9 months.
- Play piano in Terengganu. At least, one song can be played.
- Ipad, blackberry bold touch and type, and external hard disk. Gadgets time!
- Buy lotsa blouse and jeans to bring back here. Here got not much long sleeve blouse and the jeans is too long for this short girl.
- Visit my bestfriends and relatives anywhere. Yadda yabedabeduuu
- Bite my sister's cat and find a girlcatfriend for it.
- Cook for my mama and family and ask mama to cook for me too. Winks!
- Go visit some places in Malaysia. Islands, city or whatsoever.
- Play wave and sands at the beach. This is a must!
- Go to body or foot massage. 
- Stay awake at 3 or 4am to go to mamak stall or eat yong tau foo ( I call them as 'cucuk-cucuk' food)

That's just a bit that I can think of now. The wishlist might grow longer as the time progress. Hewhew~!!

Holidaysss hurrayyyhhh chillalla~~~ \(^ ^)/

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