Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Victory let's hurry!!

Cukup bagiku - Opick


Hey people, how's April welcoming you?
Mine's absolutely awesome,until today this 'holiday-mood' still shine..hopefully it will last long :D
So,what greets me this April is SPRING!!! **\(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ** yabedabeduuuu~~
It's Spring + Easter Break =  SLEEP LONGER days!
Told ya in the last post that I kinda lost my spirit..but that feeling is now vanished....because of, jobs done by my lovers around me..let me show you how well they did. 

1.Dearest Dad *anak ngada2 pegi mintak belas kasihan mode*

Not sweet?OK,show u sweeter one.. *trkesima I bgun tido abah buat I jd wall photos u know!*

2.Dearest Mum *Mama ni suka buat adik senyum sorang2,vogue you!*

 3.Dearest Sister *eby plak menambah kesayuan dan ketekadan di hati..*

4.BFFs! *dorang ni nk buat I diabetik sweet sgt*
(IDA!!My bestfriend a.k.a AIR, HAPPY BESTDAY 15th March!! Can never find someone like you)

(AIDA!!dgn sadisnye dia pegi edit tepek muke dia kat my FB photo sbb nk together anywhere kan)

5.SBF! *suke jugak buat I gelak tergolek sorang2..gamba gelak tergolek takleh upload* You..I got something to share,cepat la balik!!

See,how these lovers around me can make my days?Because of them, I've got no reason not to keep my spirit alive..I have to,I MUST!Got some more from my family,relatives,friends but can't really upload loads of them..
These people,I can never find happiness without them..know what,the smile that you guys lit on others can affect their life..THANK YOU LOVERS!!!Keep spreading the love..

LBNL, HAPPY 33rd ANNIVERSARY to my ABAH MAMA 1st April 2012

 (Ma Abah,may Allah bless both of your love to His jannah)
And... HAPPY BESTDAY to my TWIN SISTERS!! 4th April 2012

(Sisters,may Allah grant your new life with happiness here till hereafter)
Gimme niece/nephew quick2..hihi..psst,share that 'twin gene baby' to me ya!

May Allah bless this relationships among us with mawaddah and rahmat.. :) 
''Sedangkan Engkau menciptakan kami diantara manusia selalu berpasangan 
dan dijadikan oleh-MU diantara kami rasa Kasih Sayang''
(Ar Rum: 23)

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  1. I am so touching, my name is in the above post. wehuuuuu!!!!

    Ida yg baik lagi cun dan cantik, menarik, tertarik da bomb!!