Thursday, 22 March 2012

Doctor am I?

I Need A Doctor - Eminem ft Dr. Dre
ツ Hard times

Hi Doctor!!
(o_O) --> ehh?   (O_o) <--- eh??   

Yeah, I AM!! 
This is NOT a joke.
What had happened to me these few days? My soul is so fragile. Can't barely understand myself. I rarely let the tears make their way on my cheeks but now?! HOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *slap on face* 
I had fever last few weeks. Mama's concern through her words even we're miles apart made me cry. That was the first spark of my tears.. 
Since young, whenever fever attacked, I became so childish that even a single touching word can struck deep inside my heart. That doesn't end for few hours but even for few weeks!
That's not all.... the tears also bring my spirit away with the flow.. :'( 
I lost my passion to study, my mind wandered around, my mood is unpredictable and my world seems so roller coaster..
I need that booster back. I need the courage and most of all, I beg for people's prayer so that I can keep on striving. 
Striving for what? 

To become a doctor because that's my responsibility!
Now,get back!strive for excellence..bittaufiq wa najah!


  1. Get well soon dear. Life is like that. sometimes we're healthy some times we're sick. Don't be too depress and take care of yourself. May Allah ease our way. Love from far.

  2. Thanks a lot my love! yeah,we all treasure our health coz its our wealth!amin...insyaAllah..take care too hun~!