Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The last chat

You were sleeping soundly.
Suddenly you were waken up by your lover, Miss who came to your house.
You were suprised to see her.
She was saying she cannot sleep and came to have a chit chat with you.
Both of you were talking happily, reminiscing the good old memories both of you had gone through.
The phone rang.
You want to go out to pick up the call.
But she grab your hand, pleading you not to go.
You said, "just a minute, I'll be back"..
She looked at you into the eyes, smiling with a crystal watery eyes.
You went out picking up the phone.
The other person on the phone said,
"Hello Sir, are you Mr.? I'm sorry to inform you Miss got into an accident and we're unable to save her just now. Your number was on the screen of her phone. So we called you to inform the news. We're sorry sir".
Would you go into your room again?


  1. Yes, I would go back to the room! :)


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