Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Nihon oishii des ne

♫ An an an tottemo daisuki - Doraemon 
( ^‐^)_且~~  motenasu

Ohayo gozaimas!genki des ka?
Watashi wa Sabila Tanaka kawai-san des..(`ー´)
Watashi kodomo of Tanaka's foster family..
Anata kari masen?watashi kari manis...hi hi hi.. =P 

Well this time wanna share journey I've been through when I was 15 years old to Japan. Yea I know, outdated.but...who cares? (^_-)☆wink~!
I went there because I was selected by Terengganu state for Japanese Wintership Programme under was after my PMR. I thought it was just a joke when my sista told me about this news via phone yet I'm lucky's true!!ottoke!  

The trip started with a camp for about 3 days in Universiti Malaya, Japanese Language Department. My friends and I, altogether 16 people learnt some Nihon-go, culture, dance and practiced Malaysian Performance. I love my friends...They're all nice and havoc! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

When I first step in Japan, it was winter..early winter but already cold.Breezy~ made me having to put on lipbalm almost every 30 minutes. (haa,brand mentholatum is good!) At airport, I was suprised actually to see that the polystyrene that we used to pack food was replaced by bamboo overthere.Soooo nature's lover an? And and, so hard to understand the signboards..all in Nihon-go.Luckily the toilets got gender symbols.

Enough of that. Cheah and me was 'adopted' by my Papa to Mama living in Nagasaki. A place just beside the sea where history of Hiroshima got bombarded made. The houses overthere were cosy tho small. Nice indeed. We slept in tatami, not really a bed but seriously comfy like comforter.weeehhhuuu...The toilet is super dry, not a drop of water on the floor found. \(^ ^)/ They're all nice. Their daughter and son are living quite far from their house. I managed to meet them twice and also met my dearest Sheung and Hakka, their kids.
Papa to Mama (mind the blackness of me~ =P)
Sheung (boy), Haruka (smallest girl) and Hakka (girl)

 2 weeks over there, I went to school, meeting new friends (they're bigger tho younger than me). I learnt few things; those students, they ate together during recess in class. And to clean up the class, those who lose playing "o-som" had to do it, willingly. =) The citizens walk very fast! They drove and stopped one metre away from the front car. They greeted each other nicely tho they are not friends, coz they are 1 Japanese. =P Hard to describe much but I did learned a lot. I mean, a lot! ( ̄▽ ̄) 

My Mama cried when we left the house. She gave me the family's pearl shapped like peanut to be made as necklace. In hotel during our last day performance, she asked me to always remember them when I look at the sun (Japan :Land of the rising sun). Sugaarrr moi? (;_・)I did memorize the sayonara lyrics but now kinda forgot.ofoi~ Oh, I also met this prince charming..whom everyone talked in Japan language "Shashin ishyoni des ka?" to take photos together with him however...... し(*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)

Dia MELAYU laa..student. Dunno where and who he is until now.

The story didn't end there (no love story was made...haha). My friends and I spent a week in Tokyo. Exploring the city. Sophisticated. Not to forget, Disneyland of course! =) Luxurious much. hohoi~!! The 'unbest' moment was when I had to write down everything in a book to be sent to the Terengganu state admin. aduhlamak...lazy lazy lazy...but passion made me succeed!haha. Until now I still contact with my minasan in Japan. And for my utmost pleasure why I posted this outdated journey is absolutely because....
My Papa and Mama will come over to Malaysia this August!!!yeeehhhaaa yabedabeduuuu~~  
ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ I like to muvit muvit~hope to see them soon...very soon! 

Too much to be shared.but..I just..miss Japan so much! be strong you citizens for the earthquake.(*・_・)ノ

Arigatou gozaimas...sayonara..ja mataaa~(・ェ・)ヤ(・ェ-)ス(-ェ・)ミ(-ェ-)。o○Zzz… oyasuminasai~

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