Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sobs sobs miahaha

♫ E.T - Katy Perry ft Kanye West 
ツBlend of emotion

*emo...grrr...roar!!!meoww...stay away!!!* 

*Inner monologue*

Make me an E.T...poison me..I wanna run away, being an alien!!!

Aaaaa...stay away!!! I don't wanna talk,speak,or see you..shuh shuh...
No, no, no...please don't go..stay with me..plishhhh...

-.-'' QUITE!!! I need privacy.

Babe, sing me any song..make me chill..make me smile..

I don't want you to say anything,shhh...just hug me..can?

Why are you so quite? Am I not exist here? Am I nothing?

Dizzy...just leave me alone.

I need a music, like...seriously I need a song!

Erm..no no...recitation of Quran is better..

But..sometimes, song can also be a friend.

Okay, after recitation, song....then LULLABY?

SET!gimme five yaww~


I didn't notice until now that I'd being quite emo these days..
What happened?naahhh..ofoi,me also dunno.
Effects of watching too much emo stories.. 
(i.e. Marimar, Sijundai, Amanah Dalam Cinta, Juvana).
I guess?
Hurm hurm hurm....
Actually I know...
I'm nervous like a shaking earthquakes with Ritcher Scale of 45..
For what??
I'll tell you soon. TOP SECRET!miahaha..

Sorry that I've been all emo.
Sorry I didn't pick up any calls.
Sorry I didn't reply any text.
Sorry I didn't start any conversation..
Sorry for acting dumb and deaf..
Sorry I've been lazayhhh...
Sorry sorry sorry.. *ala-ala lagu sori2 Korea tuh*  

 "Fa’iza ’azamta fatawakkal’alallah" 
Setelah kamu berazam, maka bertawakkallah kepada Allah.

‎"Ya Tuhanku, lapangkanlah untukku dadaku." (Thaha:25)

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