Sunday, 29 May 2011

The End or The Beginning?

Waiting for the end - Linkin Park
ツ Annoyed

I survived International Baccalaureate!
and obviously I'm still alive.big clap for that.

Here it goes. I have no idea of what KMB or IB was when I first entered that place I called as forest of nowhere. What I knew, super tough and if I survived, YEAY me! and alhamdulillah, with His blessing, I managed to at least be there for these past 2 years. WHAT?? (o.O) *blink2*

Back then in KMB, I was included in a super unique class. Why? Because.. never in KMB there was any class that combined engineering and medicine students in one class. And we did. M09U. *U stands for unique
I enjoyed that class so much, with only 7 girls and 17 boys. What say you? hoho. FUN! Guaranteed. With my classmates whom were all crazy and genius, combination of future doctors and engineers wasn't bad at all. ;) 
We lasted together for 2 semester before we had to change classes due to Mathematics Higher and Standard levels and also regarding English Higher and Standard level. :(
Honestly, I wasn't that happy to be able to change classes. But, as one of my friend said...
"Sometimes, in the wind of change, then only we find our true direction."
 :) Life must go on..

There it goes..another new class..all future doctors in M09R. Alhamdulillah. I met some people who taught me of few things I never get to know. Thanks darlings. New teachers, new experience, and new stories too.. :)
I used to be one of that noisy and naughty kid. *ehem, I'm still a kid okayh~
When I entered this new class, I tend to recognized few changes in me. I rarely talk or wave to people that I used to do..For example, seeing someone walking, I jumped and waved excitedly at him or her. But that was before I learnt some behaviour from new friends. People can change~ ;P
I had the serious fuse mode in me. And laugh like monster only when I'm with certain people. Might as well I changed due to the hectic life of doing EE, TOK, and IAs.. *some nicknames of monsters in IB*
Everything lasted until the last semester 4. Final examination of IB. Hooray that we all did our best. Hope that my friends and I manage to get good results. InsyaAllah..

Only few days before I left KMB, I realized one thing. I don't really like being in KMB. But! When I heard a ceramah from an ustaz in one Thursday night, there's blessings in disguise.
I got to meet many new friends whom are all fantastics (*doctors, engineers, dentists, biotechnologists, businessman, WOW!*) , I started to know about Tafsir Al-Quran in which I never know what does 13:28 means (*is it time of 1.28p.m?*) and so many things which are hard to describe. One thing for sure, thanks ustaz for your words. 
"May this road I take is a pathway for me to get to your Jannah"  
 MasyaAllah..hope everything I did, I do and will do will bring me closer to Him.

Now it has been like few days away from hectic life of IB. At home,cosy and super lazy.. :)
But I loike that. You'll never get this chance anymore. I bet you won't.
Ouh,yes. I tend to get annoyed with some people who cannot stop complaining.
Back then when they were busy studying, they complaint to get rest and holidays..
But now, when they do get holidays, complaints made as if they cannot do anything rather than just study.
Oh c'mon.. blah blah blaaahh... -.-''
You still have lot more to do. Renew your license, IC, passport, go for trips, water the plants, wash your cars, take your bro and sis out at playground, visit your relatives, drawing, dance class, piano class, or khatam Al-Quran 30 or 50 times. 
So many things to do right? 

Life is so precious to be regret of just with complaints.
Stop complaining. Just do something. Atleast.
So now, is it the end or the beginning of holidays?
What say you? Chillax~

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