Saturday, 8 December 2012


♫ Breathless - Shayne Ward

Dear Chillalla, 

I'm craving. 
Not for haagen daaz, not for strawberry or durian crepe, 
not for tutti frutti, not for croissant, 
and not for any treasure in this world. 
I'm craving for support. that is accompanied by love.
At this stage, I've tried all my might to keep everyone happy. 
I watched a video recently on how things come around and go around. 

I did how the video showed. I swear. (TWIC)
But why am I still making others not please with me?
If what I did ruined other's life, I would rather gone.
I felt hopeless. I can barely stable myself.
I lost a place where I can cling on. 
No one wants to back me up.

I know..Allah is with me.
Oh My Lord...Allah Azzawajalla..
I kneel down and prostrate to you. Help bring me back Ya Rabbi.