Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Day I'm About to Faint

♫ Lemon Tree - Garden Eden
Ever experience faint?
Well I am...

Today I have this anatomy session in front of cadavers in anatomy rooms. I'm used to the smell of formalin (alcohol type to preserve the cadaver) so there's nothing to worry. Cheeky me going inside,listening eagerly to that new professor talking in front of the table. I was standing in the cramps of the other colleagues, rather a bit far from the table where the cadaver lies. I had this feeling of unwell coming to my tummy starting earlier of the day, but since I've got my card signing which is a type of oral test in front of groupmates and professor, I ignore the pain. Everything goes first. :D 

I started to make this kind of strange yawn.. I felt like gasping for air as if I kept yawning and yawning to let the oxygen pass through my mouth to the brain. I even noticed a small guy next to me started to yawn as well because he got influenced by me. Heee....

Suddenly I had this shaking movement to my legs, the pain in my tummy is begging for me to sit down. I said to myself, NO! You got to be strong for there's another 30 minutes session left and what the professor taught was so good it might come out for the test this afternoon.

Out of nowhere, my vision started to become yellowish in colour. I felt drowsy, I touch my head with my finger and then I can hear the voice of my professor become so low. All he said seems so I-can't-grab-anyhting-you-say-sir! I tried to grip someone next to me but I realizes he's a guy so I clung on the cadaver's table yet my legs was shaking so badly and I can't stand the pressure in my tummy. I told my girl friend that I think I'm about to faint, she asked me to sit down aside. I sat down a bit until I felt so thirsty, I wanted drinks so badly. So then I went out to the toilet looking at my face that was deadly pale in the mirror. What has gone into me??

I need water so much so I walk about the place for 10 minutes til I found a friend of mine in front lecture hall with her water bottle. Thank Allah for sending her to me. I sat down, shaking, exhausted feeling like crying. After a while I went home in the shivering cold weather and had a rest for a while before going for the test. 

Alhamdulillah Allah helped me with the test..syukran Ya Allah...and in the afternoon, I got my eid-adha parcel from my beloved mother back in Malaysia. Carrying that big box around made me a famous girl cause everyone's seems to greet me offering to help and wonder what's inside? 

Well oh well, it's eidul adha parcel fron my I can really cook delicious food for eid =) 

Salam eidul adha people.May Allah forgive all our sins before,during and after this..and may Allah shower us with His blessings to be a better people than yesterday..for Allah is the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

"O Lord-Sustainer! Apparently my wrongdoings do not undermine Thy authority, Certainly there will be no decrease in Thy possessions if I am forgiven. So give me free gifts as (no amount of giving) dwindles Thy stock, and forgive me as (forgiveness) does not put Thee to any loss.)"

P/S: Just before, I thought all the "sayup2 ku dengar suaranya makin ditenggelami kekaburan pandanganku" was just a verbosity. Now, I know it's NOT a lie. I was scared like a chicken when I was about to faint, how will it be if I were to die? Oh MasyaAllah..Astaghfirullah...

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