Tuesday, 24 July 2012


♫ Leaving on a jet plane - John Denver 
ツChallenge awaits 

5 days

A month plus almost done.
So many things happened within.
Hello, laughs, cries, condolences, madness, goodbyes.
To my beloved family, thanks for keep granting my wishes and sorry for being annoying.
To my bestfriends, thanks for great trip at your place and sorry about your car.
To my someone, thanks a lot for all your companions and sorry for being such trouble.
To my cats, thanks for being my cheerful naughty kids and sorry for being devil mummy.
To my relatives and friends, thanks for any help, smiles, hellos and sorry if I did not do the same.
To anyone I did not tend to get in touch..hoping we can meet again insyaAllah.
No words that I can say to any one of you.
Thanks a lot for being part of my life. 
Thanks for the memories.
Wish me luck in boarding alone to Dublin.
May Allah ease!

note the A380. Airbus okeyh~
wish I can fly with this airbus.cheer sorrow me.
so long and good bye.
Till we meet again.

Salam Ramadhan Kareem.
4 Ramadhan 1433H


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