Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Back to School!!

Set Fire To The Rain - Adele

It's new year, new age, new semester, new mission, new vision, new friends, well everything's brand new I would say..Great to have new things around!!Leaving the past behind is quite challenging but keep calm and carry on! ^^,

Today's my second day of class for this second semester.Guess what? I attended the class passionately tho I just came back from such a long long fantastic holiday (in which most people usually won't move their lazy sticky bum out).

Talking bout holidays,ahhhh...I've recently dumped my beloved blog by leaving it alone unattended. So many stories stucked in my mind that impatiently wanna come out waiting for a suitable time to crack my fingers on the keyboards. Promise! (fingers crossed) 

Blah blah blah....yet, I'm still hooked up on the holiday mood a bit when thinking about the exam results. Felt excited, happy, nervous, crazy, missing, all in one!! Anyhow, wishing my friends and I the best for this new semester!!! Aja-aja fighting~ ¬(^^,)¬