Thursday, 3 November 2011

Let's PARTY!!!!

♫ Open your eyes,your heart,your mind - Maher Zain
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We got a party tonighttt!!yeehhaaa...excited much?yeah,you have to!

IT'S CHARITY WEEK!!hurmmmm???

Let me story morry some activities during this charity week. It is organized by the Islamic Society basically under the RCSI ISOC committee members which was held since around 20th Oct 2011.

They have some activities like Baking Sales, Charity Sales, Charity Street Campaign, Ladies Night, Battle of the Brain Quiz, Futsal Tournament and much more which I guess I just put them as 'etc.' (easier meh?)

A point to ponder before I continue. Have you ever met a stranger begging for change from you? What would you do? I used to have a mindset that if someone came pass by me, asking for money in which their condition is healthy, I don't really give them attention. Know why? Because I think if they're healthy, they still can work.Then why not go for work and earn money? I know I'm cruel. (tayah nk condemn banyak2, bace jeee.. =P )

So overwhelmed by guiltiness, that was what I did! Putting myself in their shoes. Joining the charity week by asking for donation from strangers. Serious? Yeah, seriously it's hard. You don't know how the feeling of being rejected until you're rejected. (sumpah sadis).. But the hardness didn't last long. Because I tried my best to open my heart, my mind, my eyes, and ears listening to the voice of the needy in Africa, Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia and all around the world. They're suffering and the best I can do is by helping being the healthy stranger, asking for change from strangers to donate for the poor.(dulunye sy yg tanak bg attention, now padan muke diri sendiri la kan).

At first, I have no guts of pouring out my lovely voice along the street asking for donation from the mat salleh. (dah la kne speaking pulak nk mintak derma ni.gagap2..) but after15 minutes, I bet you can hear my voice from 10km away. LOL! The money goes to many charities and the dialogues used were.... 

"Would you like to donate for the orphans?" 
"Donation for the Somalians." 
"Donate sir.." 
"Care for the world?donate here" 
"bla3 (lu pikir la sendiri)" 

The saddest part is when you got "NO" as an answer. I can handle people walking away from me without saying anything but NO?sobs.... ='('s like, I AM REJECTED!!! Nahhhh, forget about that~ The charity street was SUPER AWESOME! and we managed to get some money. Thanks a lot strangers for your concern to the world. =) 

The Grafton Street's teammates
The hard working Buzzy Beezzz, Jebon bin Fulan.
As the Charity Week is ALMOST over, we had a party just now to celebrate our success..yes, party for the ladies.. *wink wink*.. Well, it's actually more like a charity dinner. We did cook for the dinner too..nice one.hihi..Some activities were made during the dinner such as Pyssla Beads Competition (haa..click2), Puzzle Flags Competitions, Charity Booths, and Miss Muslimah award.

LOL to Ladies Night for AT LEAST making me a feminine lady for A NIGHT after 12 years of leaving the skirts unattended. 
Guess what? We went back home holding 5 balloons in hands walking down the streets like Cinderellas. *berangan*

Thank you to everyone involved for making me realize lotsa new things in this world..Thanks a million! 
Word I pondered upon this week:
"You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have." 
I care for the world, do you? Do your part now! ;)  *cewahhhhh gaya model iklan*  Chill like that~! 

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